Gigi Lai [黎姿(現名:馬黎珈而)] appeared energetic in a red coat and felt grateful when applying for the listing of her company, Miricor Enterprises (卓珈控股集團有限公司) at The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (香港聯合交易所) in the morning on 18th February 2019.

Gigi expressed her parent and brother turned up to show their supports: “They are my support pillar and I feel very touched that they are supporting me all along. Thank you for their encouragements and advice. (How is your brother?) He feels very touched and happy that I promote his medical centre to another level. (Any plans for celebration?) Having dinner together. Becoming a listed company is the first step and I have confidence in the future direction.”

When asked if her daughters complained since she was busy with her work and only got to spend time with them during her free time, Gigi said: “They keep telling me to play with them and assume I am going for examination upon seeing many files on my table. They asked if I was doing my homework and I told them that they would achieve good results if studying diligently.”

Checking about her passion for acting after leaving the showbiz for 10 years, Gigi confessed to it as she had been acting for more than 20 years and would ponder about the methods to play that role character when watching drama. However, she had no intention to make a comeback for now due to her family and career.