It is not easy for an actress to transform into a chairman of a listed company at all. As an actress in the past, Gigi Lai (黎姿) was best noted for her role in Young and Dangerous (古惑仔) film and her beautiful looks gained popularity quickly after joining TVB.

Although 47 years old Gigi is a middle-aged woman and maintains her youth well, but some netizen noticed Gigi’s face looked sharper and weird when applying her company, Miricor Enterprises Holdings (卓珈控股集團有限公司) to a listed company at Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (香港交易所). She has opened 4 branches and believed there was potential in beauty industry during an interview. Despite the higher development in China, but Gigi chose to focus the market in Hong Kong as her family was her pillar of support.

Upon taking a second look, Gigi’s face feature looks the same and perhaps it is because of the angle problem or she loses weight due to her busy workload.