Kelly Fu (傅嘉莉), Hera Chan (陳曉華), Amber Tang (鄧卓殷) and Sara Ting (丁子田) were invited to Hong Kong horse racing competition (香港馬術大師賽) at AsiaWorld Expo on 17th February 2019. Despite shooting series until 3am in the morning, Kelly turned up due to her deep passion in horse riding and hoped to jump over the hurdle in a horse after learning for more than 3 years: “I seldom practise horse riding due to filming and managing my own brand for the past 6 months. I fell off from the horse while shooting series earlier and my neck was hurt. It gives me a phobia and I dare not ride a horse now.”

Kelly expressed she could run in a horse after learning for 3 years: “My instructor is very strict and he wants me to learn to let go of the rope. I love horse riding very much and heard many accidents happen while jumping over the hurdle in a horse.”

When asked if she hoped to become a horse owner in the future, Kelly said: “Nope. My Italian friend owns a horse stable and goes for horse riding after finishing his work. It is very relaxing and unlikely to happen in Hong Kong.”

It was the first time for Hera, Amber and Sara to watch horse racing competition and they hoped to go for riding lessons in the future. Amber said: “The horses look very beautiful and I am worried about having injury. But it increases my interest to learn after hearing many artistes learn horse riding because of filming series.”

Mentioning about Miss Chinese International Pageant (華姐) would be beginning in March 2019, Hera replied she was currently making preparations: “I am working harder in terms of exercising and diet when compared to Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant (香港小姐競選), as I have been slacking for 6 months thereafter. I go for cycling at 6am this morning and must try my best to keep fit.”