Shawn Yue (余文樂) remarked it resembled to taking care of Eddie Peng’s (彭于晏) family when having dinner with his mother and elder sister, Peng Yu Lan (彭于藍). However, Yu Lan appeared to reveal the “secret” accidentally and upload photo of Shawn carrying his son, Cody. In the photo, Cody wears a bib and his shoes looks similar when Shawn shared photo on Instagram previously. However, the baby boy also resembles to his good friend (王云棠) son, Zander and Shawn has not make any response until now.

On 17th February 2019, Shawn uploaded a video clip of himself training in gym on Instagram due to eating too much carrot cake and “nian gao” during Chinese New Year. He then drove home immediately and ever wonder if Shawn is going home to look after his son?