Rosina Lam (林夏薇) had a car accident when driving home earlier as another car failed to give way to her upon driving out from a side road and the female driver was charged reckless driving after that. A week ago, she gave her statement at the court that she was driving at normal speed and could feel a car’s headlight at the give way junction, but could not really see the vehicle. On 20th February 2019, the judge gave the verdict that Rosina’s statement was contradicting and the benefit of the doubt was given to the accused who was not found guilty in the end.

Hence, Rosina felt disappointed and furious over the verdict and left a long message in the morning on 21st February. She urged everyone to be careful of “road killers”: “Does celebrity deserve to have injury?”

Rosina posted a message showing her dissatisfaction on Instagram: “Extremely disappointed with this verdict. Obviously, I was driving at a normal speed in the main road and my waist was hurt as the car driving out from the side road failed to give way to me. The outcome is totally unexpected.

The accused defended herself by saying that she stopped for 2 to 3 seconds and I was speeding when she edged forward around 70% to 80%. I was the victim and she blamed it on me instead. My car has the navigation function and it is obvious that the narrow road has insufficient space to allow 2 cars to drive together at the same time. Also, what makes me most disappointed is the judge even considered her car body part was higher than mine and my celebrity status.

I really wonder if the two points mentioned above is relevant to reckless driving. How can my statement seen contradicting when I was driving on a main road and knocked down by somebody? It is simply out of content. As the police witness for the first time, I cannot rebut at all and where is the justice? In this case, drivers driving on the main road must give way to cars turning out from a side road in the future.

I am extremely disappointed. Everyone must be extra careful as there is many “road killers”. #not easy to be a witness #getting hit although lying down #normal driving is wrong too #disaster #celebrity deserves to have injury?”