Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Phoebe Sin (單文柔) celebrated the first lantern festival together after their marriage on 19th February 2019. Although he had to work on that day, but Ruco already prepared 3 wishes as a reward to his wife: “She has a hard time during the pregnancy and it is considered good that we can go for holidays together as a gift for Valentine’s Day.” He hoped to have dinner with his family during festive season and asking if he was a romantic person, Ruco said: “Not really but I will give her some surprises occasionally and a good husband should give freedom to his wife.”

Phoebe expressed Ruco was a realistic person who usually gave surprises which made her felt contented with her life: “I am a romantic person who is willing to spend time to prepare surprises. What matters most is to make him happy and not the value of the gift. (What is the most romantic stuff Ruco has done for you?) When we knew each other initially, I told him it was difficult to see stars and firefly in Hong Kong and he took me to see in Victoria Peak, but the reporters discovered us as a result. I realise I am quite wilful and feel guilty upon reminded of this matter.”

When mentioned about their baby would be born in this year, Phoebe felt nervous and excited as her baby’s movements gave her a fertile imagination. As for Ruco, he felt normal and their baby’s health was most important.