Anderson Junior (安德尊), Mandy Lam (林淑敏), Pat Lau (劉彩玉), Angel Sung (宋芝齡) and Phoebe Pang (彭慧中) hosted the show, Big City Shop (流行都市) and turned up at the promotion activity in Po Lam on 19th February 2019.

As she won a “golden pig” during the lucky draw, Mandy replied she felt grateful and it enriched her experiences after bagging an award last year and hosting the show. Another host, Albert Cheung (章志文) and Anderson taught her the ways to improve her voice and Mandy wished to continue the show.

Suggesting her to treat them to dinner, Mandy laughed and said: “Anderson is around and I like him because he keeps treating us to dinner. Most importantly, we get to receive red packets from him.” She added she had dinner with her husband on lantern festival and planned to visit her relatives in Canada in May, as her last visit was around 4 to 5 years ago. Mandy hoped to spend more time with her family since getting old.

When asked if Anderson earned additional income as he kept working during festive season, he said: “It is not about money but bringing entertainment to the audiences during Chinese New Year.”