Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) expressed she rested at home during festive season due to the injuries from head to toe at a dinner party for web series (警察故事) on 19th February 2019. She said: “My toe nails were bruised after kicking a metal bin in January. I beared with the pain and even played basketball, but it is getting very painful and the doctor said I should not delay until a month later after seeing the x-ray results. He bandaged for me after that and admired my high level of bearing with the pain. He did not give me any painkillers and I wear high heels as usual so as to look beautiful.”

Sisley also hoped to participate in the marathon next year upon improving her health and revealed she had a bone fracture due to injuring her waist during the filming previously. Thus, she had been resting at home and eating TCM medicine to nourish her body.