Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) and Chris Lai (黎諾懿) attended the promotion campaign related to children bonding during the rainy weather on 23rd February 2019. When asked about the absence of his son, “Little Spring Chicken” (小春雞), Chris replied he continued to have fever for 3 days and the doctor failed to find out the reason: “It is not flu infection. His fever becomes mild on the fourth day when we are thinking of admitting him into the hospital and I will not bring him out even if he is fine today. He is very active and distracts me when working and taking him to friends gathering. I will be kick out from the house if he is injured and his forehead is swollen after doing somersault at home a few days ago. (Hard to have another baby again?) Not really. My wife will help me and I am the only one taking care of him now.”

Christine understood the joy of having a child and felt envy of Chris: “I feel happy for him and can only play with my friends’ children now.” She then smiled when Chris predicted she would become a mother soon and Christine was currently trying hard.