Elanne Kong (江若琳) was perceived of having a pointy tummy a few days ago. She emphasised she was not pregnant during an activity with her husband, Oscar (蕭潤邦) on 23rd February 2019. It was an amusing scene when Oscar pretended to hit her stomach and Elanne said: “My waist and stomach remains tiny and flat. Please do not be mistaken. I am training hard lately and should be losing some weight. Please do not agitate me.”

Elanne added many people including Oscar congratulated her upon reading the gossips. She was currently trying hard for a baby and Oscar said: “My wife believes having a baby in pig zodiac sign is good and can try again in rat zodiac year if insufficient time. I feel happy as long as having a child and my friends have reserved their children old clothes for us.”

Oscar pointed the anxiety was pointless and discouraged Elanne to discuss about children with her friends: “It is unnecessary to have this pressure and let nature take its course. You can let me know after expecting in order to reduce the stress.” Elanne wished for 2 children so that they could take care of each other.

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