Annie Liu (劉心悠) was invited to a movie premiere at Causeway Bay on 26th February 2019. As she played a couple with a model, James, they held hands and made wedding cakes together upon making their appearances. Both also demonstrated sweet postures while taking photo together.

Annie expressed she worked together with the advertisement company for 14 years and felt honoured to work with renowned team in advertising industry. She praised she did not feel embarrassed to shoot kissing scene with James due to his professionalism and establishment of their rapports. Annie felt it was a pity when he was already married and there was zero chances of developments.

In addition, Annie wished for a romantic encounter when holidaying in Los Angeles: “I want it but nothing happens eventually and I will not make the first move. Since it was freezing, I wore a beanie and coat and it was raining when going to the beach. Anyway, I welcome anybody who dates me.”