Beautiful mum, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) expressed she had been expecting for 10 months before her son, Rafael Cheng (鄭承悅) was born on Valentine’s Day during an event on 27th February 2019. When asked if she was pregnant before marrying to Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) as the netizens suspected it was impossible to give birth after 6 months, Grace believed it was normal to have gossips since working in showbiz and unnecessary to reply every time. Checking if she was in a hurry to earn money before the post-natal confinement was over, Grace responded she would ignore other people thinking as it was out of her control.

Asking if Kevin bought any gift for her as a reward, Grace said: “He did ask me all the time and already reduced his workload to accompany me during the post-natal confinement. It is my last job for now after this activity. (Did he help to shower and change the diaper for the baby?) Yes, he even wanted to feed Rafael with milk. I am not jealous at all and feel happy to see that he dotes on our son very much. He resembles Kevin and looks very cute.” She also had no intention to have another baby and planned to take one step at a time.