Ms former Hong Kong, Lee San San (李珊珊) disappeared mysteriously for 7 years and finally made a public appearance at a musical concert because of her good friend, Vinci Wong (王賢誌) in February 2019. She also shared her medical condition and treatment process on the stage. Subsequently, San San left a message on Weibo: “It is not a full stop but beginning.” She revealed she was currently receiving treatments and needed to go for medical check-up every 2 months during an interview with Ming Pao (明周). San San believed it was an easily neglected illness and finally found the source after seeking Western and Chinese treatments. She promised to disclose her illness at an appropriate timing and would be sharing her experiences at an event.

During the treatments for the past 2 years, San San had been struggling and going to the hospital frequently. Fortunately, her medical condition begun to improve and she was forced to continue the journey as there was no alternatives. San San might be either shooting a video clip or attending a sharing session so as to urge the public to focus on this illness. She left another message on Weibo on 3rd March: “Everything is prepared for this Monday but I am still nervous though.” Looks like San San is advancing to the second step.