Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) is shooting the second season of a Chinese variety show (妻子的浪漫旅行) and her husband, Julian Cheung (張智霖) confessed he enjoyed it since she was not besides him.

However, Anita felt less happier and her tears begun to come down when missing her husband very much in the latest episode. In the beginning, she said: “We are together for 27 years and always travel together other than working. It is considered my first time and I know he feels happy without me nagging at him, but I want to tell him I am unused to it and you cannot escape from me at all.” Anita started to smile while Julian flashed a sweet smile.

Anita was reminded of the first day travelling to Beijing alone upon broadcasting her interview: “I am unused to taking the flight alone and believe I should follow my husband and son. It is the first time that I travel alone.” At the time, her eyes were red and she said while wiping her tears: “I want to tell him that it is my last time to travel alone and I will follow him no matter what happens. He cannot escape from me.”

Initially, Julian felt relaxed when watching the video and became stern and bit his lips as well. When the host asked if Anita was throwing her tantrum, Julian smiled and said: “It is her method. (Do you wish to protect her?) Definitely hugging her. We are getting old and perhaps have to on that day…… Going for holidays alone.” His eyes also started to turn wet: “Nothing lasts forever and we must cherish what we have right now. It is the best and most beautiful moment.”