Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) expressed she used to love diamonds in the past and currently preferred coloured gemstones at a jewellery brand event on 28th February 2019. She then showed her gigantic ring and said: “I love ruby now as it has value and hard to collect. My husband, Tony Leung (梁朝偉) enjoys looking at jewellery as well and I am considered a priceless jewellery to him.”

As both went for skiing in Japan and she travelled to Australia by herself while Tony remained in Japan, Carina laughed and said when her artiste had long holidays: “It is absurd and we will in trouble if relying on him only. Anyway, what matters most is he feels happy. He is currently looking for a breakthrough and will make a decision after passing the scripts to him. I understand he is a good actor and needs rest. Hopefully his career will reach a high peak again.”

When mentioned about the government set $1 billion budget in order to develop Hong Kong film market this year, Carina said: “It is good news. Hong Kong movie market must take the lead since we have the resources and talented people.” Revealing about donating $20 million to Hong Kong Film Archive (香港電影資料館) for the repair works, Carina believed it should build a Hong Kong film museum and play the old movies.