Since 35 years old Vincent Wong (王浩信) is heavily groomed by TVB from 2016, rumours of his marriage problem with 37 years old Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) begin to arise in recent years, despite denying it repeatedly.

Based on understanding, both wished to have another child so as to accompany their 6 years old daughter and Vincent openly expressed his desire in 2017, but Yoyo was unprepared for it. For the past 2 months, she was pointed to plan for another baby but Vincent was extremely busy filming drama and movie. Thus, Yoyo decided to meet up with her good friend, Fanny Lee (李漫芬) for comfort during her free time.

A few days ago, Yoyo shared photo of herself carrying Fanny’s daughter (10 months old) online and took another photo of themselves before leaving. An insider said: “Long time ago, Yoyo wanted to have another baby so as to accompany her daughter, but it has been delaying due to their busy work schedules and planning to nourish her body. She is finally prepared for it and hopes to have a second baby before 40 years old.”

Apparently, Vincent and Yoyo had not establish any concrete plan. In 2016, Vincent seldom spent time with his family due to his busy workload and countless of gossips with the actresses. He hoped to become a father again and improve their relationship in 2017: “I hope I will strike the jackpot and have a son in 2017, so as to lower the age gap between the children.” However, Yoyo needed to nourish her body at the time and avoided it by saying: “Let nature take its course.”