Other than receiving compliments for making seductive poses for 15 seconds in TVB drama, I Bet Your Pardon (荷李活有個大老千), 38 years old Selena Lee (李施嬅) is also nominated for Best Supporting Actress (最佳女配角) Award based on her performance in the third season of Canadian film, Blood and Water in Canadian Screen Awards (2019加拿大影視獎). She would be attending the awards ceremony in Canada in April 2019.

A few days ago, Selena had a location shooting for TVB new drama, Forensic Heroes IV (法證先鋒IV) with Alice Chan (陳煒), Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) and Frederick Cheung (張子丰) at Sai Kung Town. She played a legal medical expert and wore a red jacket with sunglasses to lead the police and forensic teams to investigate the case into the village. Everyone was seen carrying their own toolboxes.

Before the shooting, Selena behaved in a relaxing manner and talked to her opponent, Frederick. Once the camera started rolling, Selena changed back to her 5 inches high heels and everyone including Alice was helping her since having difficulty to stand on the concrete. The scene was wrapped up successfully and Selena expressed she had prepared her homework: “I watched many foreign documentaries since playing a legal medical expert for the first time. I also conducted an interview with the real medical expert so as to create new ideas and the filming for Forensic Heroes IV series begins after many years later.”

Source: https://eastweek.my-magazine.me/main/85497