To most people, it is a dream to travel to Europe but the security and robbery cases are perceived poor and high. On that day, Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) shared an amusing incident during the location shooting for Chef Nic (鋒味) show with Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) in Greece and Sunny Lau (劉翁) asked: “Has anybody asks you to give me your finger in Europe before? He will keep holding your finger and demanding money if you give your finger to him.” Nicholas was reminded of a similar situation and Fire Lee (火火) and Sunny asked him: “You manage to escape?” Nicholas replied: “Yes, I ran fast.”

In this episode, Nicholas taught everyone to make salad by putting in napa cabbage. Fire and Sunny showed their disapproving looks and asked him: “We can make salad by using napa cabbage?” Fire rebutted when Nicholas explained Daniel taught him to make this salad: “Does he really know how to do it? We usually put napa cabbage in the hot pot.” However, Fire and Sunny fought for it once Nicholas completed making the salad. Sunny then praised him: “It tastes good.” Nicholas changed the name of the salad: “Let’s call it Daniel Wu’s napa cabbage salad.”