Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) is currently shooting new film (驕陽歲月) and suffered from real head injury when filming a scene of himself chased by the debt collector, Kenny Wong (黃德斌) a few days ago. However, the camera continued rolling and the scene was wrapped up successfully. Yun Fat is indeed a professional actor.

During the shooting, nobody was aware of his injury until Yun Fat used his hand to stop the bleeding on his left forehead, while sitting down at one corner. The staff begun to feel anxious and clean his wound immediately, upon knowing it. But he told them to relax and his wife walked towards him immediately, when preparing the lunch boxes outside. Yun Fat tried to console his wife that it was a minor injury.

As the wound looked big, the film director and staff urged him to go for a medical check-up and Yun Fat agreed to it. He even told them not to worry and the director to shoot other scenes first: “Not to worry. There is money.”

After the check-up, the doctor told Yun Fat the wound was around 1 inch and it was easy to get infection at the drama set. Hence, he cut little hair near his wound and went for 5 stitches.