It was Kevin Cheng’s (鄭嘉穎) first public appearance after becoming a father at a wine party before attending an exhibition by the photographer, Markus Klinko on 5th March 2019. When asked about his thoughts as a daddy, Kevin said: “It is my first time to enter into the labour room and the Anesthesiologist is a Malaysian. I was surprised when he asked what type of song that we wanted to listen and he played relaxing music after that. The atmosphere is full of anxiety yet relaxing at the same time. (What is your feeling once the baby is born?) It is hard to describe. (Is your eyes wet?) Yes. My wife, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) and I feel overjoyed to see a healthy baby.”

Checking if their baby resembled the father or mother, Kevin said: “My mother feels he resembles me and I agree as well. I call him as the “king” as he can have anything that he wants. I even changed 17 diapers for him a day since understanding our communication. Baby usually cries when the diaper is wet but he has not cried until now. He has poor acting skills and no tears regardless of crying, but will complain whenever little things happen. Anyway, we must be fast in everything such as changing diapers, taking a shower and feeding milk. (Lack of patience?) Yes, he cannot wait at all. I am clumsy when helping him to take a shower for the first time and it is easier to change diapers for him. (Has he tried to piss on you?) Nope.”

When asked if anybody fought to take care of the baby as there was 5 adults looking after him at home, Kevin said: “Yes, when he is obedient. I am currently accompanying my wife during the confinement period but feel happy though. (Resting for a month too?) Yes, but I still need to work. (Grace has a fit body figure?) Yes, thank you. (Satisfied?) Yes. (Rewarding her?) Yes, she is thinking about it and it is best that she chooses it by herself. (Grace attends event during confinement period?) I respect her decision and hopefully she will have a good recovery during this period of time. As husband and wife, we must respect each other and like what her father says, I decide on the major issue while she decides on the minor stuff. Anyway, I leave it to her in deciding big and small matters.”