Vivian Chow’s (周慧敏) album for her concert in Blu-ray was released in one of the stores in the shopping mall and she appeared at the store in Mong Kok. In order to thanks her fans, she signed more than 10 copies in DVD and Blu-ray and urged her fans to buy in the store directly if they wanted the album with her autograph.

Vivian expressed the store accompanied her to grow up as it posted her photos and posters in the best positions: “In the 90s, I believe many fans went to the store to buy my photos and posters and there is a top selling chart. Although the store has changed its layout, but the memories remain in our hearts. The Blu-ray disc is already released and I reckon I will not release an album by using my money next time. It marks as a happy ending to my 30 years in singing industry and thank you for the supports.”