Despite having her second pregnancy, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) continues to film new series (末代廚娘) in Hengdian and shared photo of the crew team and herself on Weibo on 7th March 2019. She commented that the filming was finally wrapped up and could have a good rest.

Myolie posted a message: “It is finally wrapped up! Thank you to the crew team for taking care of me and I get to know many new friends. Thank you to Zeng Li (曾黎姐) for her concern and Hai Lu (海陸) for accompanying me overnight. Thank you very much to everybody and I look forward to our promotion campaign. Hopefully we will have good rating record.”

As Myolie had been working in Hengdian and missing her son, Brendan, her family visited her and Brendan felt very excited, and kept running around at the drama set.