Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) revealed her past experience as a third party during an interview at a show a few days ago. She said: “He is very smart. He lied to me he was single and always replied quickly whenever I texted him, as if nobody was besides him. We will chat on the phone and video chat as well. He makes me feel he has no girlfriend at all.” Charlene then realised she became a third party upon knowing from a friend that he cohabited with his girlfriend all along and planned to get married.

As for Cecilia Yip (葉童), she said: “I agreed when a male friend asked me out and we bumped into his girlfriend at the street. She looked at us furiously and I became a third party as a result. I should have ask him clearly in the first place and it is a pity that we cannot even remain as friends.”