Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) held her musical session in Macau on 9th March 2019. When mentioned about the tickets sales was closed to the public and some tickets soared to $8000 which made it difficulty for her fans, she said: “2020 marks my 25th anniversary years in the showbiz and hopefully I can celebrate together with my fans. I definitely do not support black market and hope to hold additional sessions for my concert next year. Everyone gets to buy it legally.” Kelly suggested that her fans could watch it online since failing to buy the tickets.

Asking if she was afraid of danger upon telling the audiences to come forward to the stage and shake hands with them, Kelly said: “I am not worried as knowing them for many years and they are either refined or crazy. However, the big ring on my hand is dropped to the floor when shaking hands with them and it is very painful. I want to tell them to be gentle but I am singing and everyone is taking photos at the same time. I am hesitating to continue singing or laughing and must choose happy songs next time. (Shaking hands at Hong Kong Coliseum too?) It depends on the audiences and will be the best if they want to.”

Kelly felt happy that she sang many new songs and her fans knew the lyrics well as well. She also sang some old songs such as (數到三不哭) and (情不自禁) which reminded her of the writing song memories.