Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) shared her old photo online on 14th March 2019. She expressed she tried to restrict her diet by eating one fish ball for a meal and calculate the calories for the drink. Stephanie only weighed 78 calories at the time.

She said: “It was taken in early 2011. Last night on 13th March, I want to share it after looking at my old photos and how do I look at the point? I was a plump girl who loved to try everything and a happy go lucky girl.

After joining showbiz for the second year and Asian Games, I decided to lose weight and eat one fish ball for a meal. I even calculated the calories for the beverage and had breakfast which contained 150 calories.

I weight 105 pound now and really wish to beat my head when weighing 78 pound at the point. As a sport athlete in Hong Kong, how can you give up for someone who does not love you at all? Is it worth it? Lastly, please do not change yourself because of the standard set by the society; please do not change yourself for someone who does not love you; please do not mistreat yourself as you will find someone who loves you eventually. Ps, Thank you to the fans for recording a video clip 8 years ago because of their worry for me. I feel very touched and thank you for the supports.”