Moses Chan (陳豪) expressed his headache when some fine dining restaurants refused to serve children during an opening ceremony of a restaurant on 15th March 2019.

When asked if he felt his daughter, Camilla had the potential to join Ms Hong Kong beauty pageant in the future as she resembled Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) upon wearing Princess Elsa’s tiara a few days ago, Moses said: “Better not to. She is already very vain! (More vain than your wife?) She loves to look pretty and keeps looking at her mother’s cosmetics. I am a conservative man and prefer her to focus on her studies. (Disallow Camilla to wear swimsuit?) I am a traditional man and better not to.”

Moses revealed Camilla would only go to bed after wearing the tiara and refrain from showing her lipsticks and nail polishes. Checking if they needed to hide themselves when dressing up, Moses said: “Nope. She is a cute girl and you will praise she is cute upon dolling herself up. We hope she will be independent and stop growing up quickly. She looks confused when I tell her that frequently.”