Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) and her good friend, Niki Chow (周勵淇) released lamps to make wishes at an activity (鴨脷洲洪聖傳統文化節) on 17th March 2019. When asked about her wedding bells rumours this year, Charlene said: “I already said it. It is fake news and I have no marriage thought right now. Everyone especially the media is anxious for me and it is getting annoying. (Only get married after becoming movie queen?) It does not matter and getting married takes two hands to clap. I am taking it easy and please do not think too much. We cannot make an impulse decision and need a long time to understand each other, as it will be a completely different life after getting married. Niki did ask me for my opinion before getting married and I told her to go for it, as I usually make rational decisions in others’ problems.”

Niki praised Charlene was her good friend and she listened to her to get married. However, everyone urged her to have a baby after that. It turned out that Charlene already had plans to “freeze her eggs” when suggesting to Niki: “Because I feel I am not ready to have a baby and many friends also did that. I choose to “freeze my eggs” in Hong Kong and plan to use it after married. I have been controlling my diet and exercising lately before going for hormone injections on my stomach for 10 days. I might need to approach a doctor and will be staying at home during that period of time, since I will gain weight after the injection. Please do not criticise about my appearance and I will try my best to lose weight. (Any opinion from your boyfriend, Anthony [石恆聰]?) Nope. He is fine with it.” Charlene added she sought advice from her mother before proceeding with it and did not bother about others’ opinions.

Niki disclosed she might consider to go together with Charlene but will try natural methods first.