It is important to consider the rental and check the background history before renting a house. In a recent episode of Taiwanese variety show, Super Entourage (小明星大跟班), the celebrities had a discussion together and the roommates fell sick immediately after moving into the house. It turned out to be a haunted house.

Many years ago, Taiwanese artiste, Bear Genie (熊熊) rented a house together with her friends. Upon opening the door, it was a living room followed by a bedroom and a small yard. There was a toilet and another room but one of the rooms was locked and pasted with an amulet, and an eight trigrams mirror was hanged on the door. Thus, Bear Genie decided to ask the landlord who replied that he/she believed in fengshui and treated it as a minor issue only.

However upon moving in, her roommates begun to fall sick mysteriously and it was hard to have a full recovery. Once in the afternoon, Bear Genie returned home and her roommate asked her: “Did you come back earlier?” She replied she was outside all along and only returned not long ago. In addition, her roommate told her to leave her foot alone while sleeping but Bear Genie stayed in her own position without overlapping her space. She then assumed her roommate was in a dreaming state after taking flu medicine.

Bear Genie decided to consult a master after her roommate’s mother believed something was wrong and stopped renting the house. They discovered something was wrong with the house and there was a big amulet under the bed, before moving out. They felt very creepy and it made the guests felt frightened with blank expressions during the show.