Donnie Yen (甄子丹) and his family revealed that they had an unpleasant experience on 26th March 2019. Last night, they were invited to the charity dinner banquet and felt disrespectful when somebody questioned them about walking into the venue before the banquet begun. They believed it was discrimination towards Chinese people upon observing the senior managements of the companies treated them differently when comparing to the foreigners and Korean stars. Hence, Donnie and his family left before the dinner banquet started.

Donnie’s wife, Cissy Wang (汪詩詩) shared photo of her back view online at midnight and hashtag that “we are not sick men of East Asia (中國人不是東亞病夫)”. It was obvious that she was not given the basic respect and left a message: “One of my favourite films this year is the Green Book. So much to learn from human kindness, respect, arrogance, racial discrimination and dignity. Never would I imagine to experience certain aspects of this film, in this day and age, especially in our own hometown.

Tonight we experienced discrimination by an organisation from overseas. Prioritised and supported a charity but in return was shocked by Mr Boose and his team’s treatment. #we are not sick men of East Asia.”