Donnie Yen (甄子丹), his wife, Cissy Wang (汪詩詩) and his daughter were treated rudely at the charity dinner banquet, amfAR and left immediately a few days ago. Subsequently, Cissy shared their encounter on Instagram and hashtag that “we are not sick men of East Asia”. Based on the insider information, Donnie disliked the sitting arrangement and some staff were clueless that he was a celebrity.

Donnie finally explained the details of the incident and some information were fake on 28th March 2019. He expressed the organisation invited him to the banquet for several years and rejected it due to his busy work schedule. Donnie finally turned up this year and his family specially travelled from London to Hong Kong to support the charity event. At the time, it was a chaotic situation and they went into the venue directly since the security did not have any instruction. However, a foreign lady told them to go out immediately in a rude tone.

Cissy then requested to see the person-in-charge and a foreign man walked over and looked at them in an unfriendly manner. He walked away before Cissy finished her sentences and they decided to leave thereafter, due to lack of respect. When mentioned about taking more than 20 assistants and unhappy with his sitting arrangement, Donnie pointed it was ridiculous and believed somebody tried to push the responsibility by making up some information. He only took an assistant along and was fine with the sitting arrangement. However, they felt disrespectful upon treated rudely and not because of racial discrimination, as Donnie had been living in overseas since small and believed it existed in the world.”