On 28th March 2019, Hong Kong Disneyland conducted a launching ceremony for Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle! (蟻俠與黃蜂女:擊戰特攻!) which is exclusive in the world. Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) turned up to show her support since she will be playing an engineer named Leslie.

Firstly, Jessica played a game together with Ant Man and praised the game was excellent with Hong Kong features which made the fans looking forward to it. She felt honoured upon receiving the script and realised the similarity with her role character: “They want to find someone matches the role and decide to approach me after watching my drama.” Jessica felt shocked once knowing about it and there was another similarity since she graduated from the college in London. As the first Hong Kong artiste to film Marvel movie, Jessica admitted she was a crazy fan and felt overjoyed: “I am very excited. I watch every Marvel film in the theatre and watch it again when rebroadcasting.”

Apparently, Jessica was surprised when receiving the script and assumed she was shooting a promotion video clip, but ended up playing a Marvel role character: “I find it strange upon looking at the thick script for a promotion video clip and it turn out I am shooting the movie. It is totally unexpected. (Increasing the chances to film Marvel movie again?) It does not cross my mind. I already feel honoured and let nature take its course.”

Lastly, Jessica complimented Paul Rudd (playing Ant Man) was a very friendly and fun man: “He is quieter when playing games and I reckon he needs full concentration. He is very nice and friendly.” She then praised the game design was perfect and people could see the props added with Hong Kong features while playing the game. Asking if she would be kidnapped this time, Jessica replied nope and was not afraid since Ant Man would be saving her. Additionally, the appearance of Iron Man will be increasing the attractiveness of the game.

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