After giving birth to her younger son, Jared Anthony last year, it is Linda Chung’s (鍾嘉欣) first public appearance in Hong Kong since her return a year ago and she remains very fit in a pink colour jacket. She revealed her daughter, Kelly (2.5 years old) and Jared (7 months old) came back to Hong Kong and he behaved obediently in the plane: “My son and I return together first and my husband and daughter will be joining us later. It is the first time that Jared travels to overseas and he bedazzles the air stewardess after sleeping for 9 hours. They touch his face and praise he is very obedient.”

During the activity, Linda expressed she would be releasing her new song as film producer and composer and filming MV next month. As it was her first time to become the producer, she admitted it was difficult as her children were clingy towards her and could only work after they went to bed: “This song is very important to my life and family as it is dedicated to my daughter. (Considering to write a song for your husband and son too?) Let’s see if they are obedient first.”

In addition, Linda felt grateful that her fans continued to support her: “Every artiste remains in Hong Kong after giving birth and I am the only one relocating to overseas, but my family and my children growth are very important to me. Since I am married to my husband, I must follow him who is living in Vancouver.” She also felt happy to see her fans again as it had been a long time since her last return to Hong Kong: “I come back to Hong Kong frequently after giving birth to Kelly and it is harder after having two children. They resemble to koala and are very clingy at this age.”

Linda added Kelly did not feel jealous of Jared and love him more than her: “Kelly wants to carry her brother all the time and dotes on him very much. I feel very grateful to see their close bonding.”