Sharon Chan (陳敏之) was shooting a health product advertisement with the child actor, Day Day lately. The filming was wrapped up successfully as she managed to make Day Day happy by carrying and hugging him: “When shooting with the children, my biggest worry is they feel hungry and sleepy. Day Day is an obedient child and I buy many snacks and make funny faces to him.”

Sharon confessed she worked with naughty children previously and he only stopped after the “discipline teacher” appeared: “However, my husband and I do not really teach our son sternly because of my busy workload and my guilt towards him. Thus, he behaves like a spoilt brat slightly.”

In addition, Sharon was worried when Day Day fell down after losing his balance: “I shout upon seeing him falling down and he looks shocked after that. Anyway, it is not pain.” She added she tried not to help his son if it was a minor accident as Sharon wanted him to become a strong boy.