Karen Mok (莫文蔚), Peter Lam’s daughter, Emily Lam (林恬兒) and spectacle designer (朱熺晹) attended the press conference of a watch brand on 2nd April 2019. Karen expressed she would buy expensive watch to reward herself and the most expensive collection was around 6 digit. She also gave a watch to her husband, Johannes as a gift as he was thrifty: “My hubby buys a ring for me every year after getting married and it becomes a habit. This year marks our 8th wedding anniversary and we remain a sweet couple. I have been travelling overseas to hold my world tour concert this year and it is considered absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Karen added she would be taking a break and accompanying Johannes next year and planned to sing, film movie and work in the backend operations.

Source: Absence makes the heart grow fonder