Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), Ashina Kwok (郭奕芯) and Hedwig Tam (談善言) attended the thank you event for The Lady Improper (非分熟女) at Mong Kok on 5th April 2019. Charlene expressed she had not monitored the audiences’ responses in the cinema but already read the audiences’ comments online. When asked about their comments, Charlene said: “It is okay. (Good or bad?) Both. Everyone has different preferences. (Any nasty feedback?) Nope.”

Charlene revealed she watched the film with Chris Wu (吳慷仁) at the movie premiere and used her hand to block the vision upon airing their intimate scenes. Asking if she felt embarrassed, Charlene said: “No eyes see, it is very embarrassing. (Any comments from your friends?) They definitely support me and watch it without blinking their eyes. It is amusing. (Prefer to film sexy or intimate scenes?) Sexy as it is very hard to film certain scenes and the actions are not scientific too. It is impossible in reality. (Try it with your boyfriend?) It is not scientific and nobody can do it in reality. (Try it before?) Nope. I almost fall down and Chris’s knees are injured as a result. (Any injury when practising pole dancing?) It is different and results in inner injury, It is very suffering. (Does your boyfriend feel heart pain?) Yes, but I go for self recovery.”