Ever since Kevin Cheng’s (鄭嘉穎) wife, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) gives birth to a son, Rafael (鄭承悅), Kevin’s top priority becomes his family and changes from a cool man to family man. During an interview with Ming Pao (明報), he admitted he was an impatient man and discovered Rafael inherited his temper: “He is very impatient such as hungry, wet diapers and burping after feeding milk. He will be crying after a short while and I cannot throw my temper at him. Anyway, he really resembles me and it is a retribution.” Despite that, we could see joy from Kevin’s face.

As he became a daddy for the first time, Kevin lamented Rafael behaved like a spoilt brat and tested his patience to the maximum level. He changed 2 to 3 diapers for him a day and begun to cry when it was slightly wet: “Although there is two confinement ladies taking care of him in day and night time, but we will wake up naturally and feel like looking at him once crying.” As his family became his top priority, Kevin would not consider working in overseas for a long period of time after his son was born in the first year.

In the past 2 years, Kevin had been concentrating on movie industry and planning to continue his focus in the same sector: “I am fine with playing a silly guy or a big villain. It is harder to act as a good man as there is not much breakthrough. It is challenging to play a villain. When asked if Louis Koo (古天樂) or Raymond Lam (林峯) is more Chok as they filmed P Storm (P風暴) movie together, Kevin laughed and said: “Definitely Raymond as he is the trendsetter. I do not feel I am Chok when acting and usually behave naturally.”

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