Adia Chan (陳松伶) joined TVB 33 years ago and left TVB without any awards when leaving in 2005. During an interview at the radio station, she expressed Best Actor and Best Actress Awards begun to establish upon leaving in that year and decided to leave, in order to venture outside. When mentioned about the rumours related to suffering from mood disorder at the time, Adia rejected to explain and wished to share her experiences only. She believed in relying on herself for everything.

Adia said: “I have my own religion and love to read. Luckily, I get to know Zhang Duo (張鐸) when working in Shanghai. The worst situation is I dislike to go out and meet people but he gives me lots of freedom and I have recovered now. Anyway, I do not want to talk too much.”

Upon knowing Zhang Duo, Adia assumed he was older and rejected to accept him as he was younger than her by 8 years old. Initially, she thought she made the wrong decision and begun to forget the age gap after developing a relationship. Adia also praised Zhang Duo was an upright person and called her darling at home. Both knew the passwords to their accounts and shared the same account as well.

Adia said: “We have absolute trust in each other and he tells me to reply the texts on his behalf upon reaching home.” Mentioning about her baby plan, she replied it depended on destiny and hoped to have a baby within 1 to 2 years. Lastly, Adia expressed her gratitude towards everybody as nothing was impossible in this world and it was important to have confidence in oneself.