Taiwanese actor, Chris Wu (吳慷仁) played a chef in The Lady Improper (非分熟女) film and specially learned Cantonese in order to speak the dialogues in the movie. He even brought a big pot to Hong Kong so as to learn throwing food ingredients and Cantonese at the same time.

Although Chris came from a modelling background and won Best Actor Award (最佳男主角獎), it turned out that he suffered for 6 years after joining for 10 years. Somebody even despised him that he would not become a male lead at all: “I was looked down upon entering into the industry. I was clueless about acting which is not my forte. Somebody even told me before that I will not play a male lead role at all and it was best to focus on the acting. It was very difficult for you to become male lead. Oh no, I told myself to work extremely hard after hearing that.”

Despite that, Chris put in full efforts and cherished every opportunity: “I play any roles in the drama and film. (Feel proud after bagging an award?) It is a small award in Taiwan and I believe luck is a factor as well. It depends on the script, film director and everyone’s credit when winning an award.”

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