Louis Cheung (張繼聰) attended the thank you event for P Storm (P風暴) film on 6th April 2019. Revealing about the box office received excellent results in Hong Kong and China, he said: “I treated my wife, Kay Tse (謝安琪) and son, James Cheung (張瞻) to watch the movie. James felt very nervous and almost cried upon seeing my abusing scene. I told him it was not good and be extra filial when he asked me if I was alright.” Louis confessed he disallowed his son to watch his films in the past but changed his mindset so as to increase his understanding about his job scope. He would consider about allowing James to join the industry upon growing up and the main purpose was the job and not the celebrity status.

When mentioned about working with Louis Koo (古天樂) for the first time, Louis Cheung replied he felt nervous on the first day of filming: “I call him Mr Koo initially. We have to build the bonding as acting as good friends in the film. One day, he walked towards me and told me to call him Louis instead.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20190406/1554545193653/%E3%80%90%E5%8F%AB%E5%92%A9%E5%91%A2-%E3%80%91%E5%8F%A4%E5%A4%A9%E6%A8%82%E7%A6%81%E6%AD%A2%E5%86%8D%E5%8F%AB%E5%8F%A4%E7%94%9F-%E5%BC%B5%E7%B9%BC%E8%81%B0%E8%A2%AB%E8%BF%AB%E8%A6%81%E6%94%B9%E5%8F%A3