TVB drama, The Defected (鐵探) is currently broadcasting and achieves the rating record at 29.5 pts. The netizens praised Benjamin Yuen’s (袁偉豪) role image was eye-catching and he had an improvement in his acting skills, but some criticised he sounded weak when talking and looked confused. On 11th April 2019, Benjamin started a live chat video with his fans for 2 hours and replied about the criticisms.

Benjamin said: “In early 2019, FILMART (香港影視節) announced it would begin the shooting for The Defected drama and I was notified of my father’s medical report at the same time in March. It gave me a sudden tremendous pressure and I needed to grab the opportunity and face the changes in my life. I also became the spokesperson for a hair advertisement which increased my pressure and it caused adverse effects such as losing my hair and poor in handling the matters well. I was thinking of the ways to act my role character well. Should I lose weight? My father then passed away on 16th May when the filming for The Defected series started for 2 weeks. I returned to work after the third day and tried to draw a separate line between work and personal affair. In the episode airing on 12th April 2019, there was a scene of Kara Hui (惠英红) and I were arguing and it was a struggle, as I needed to lose weight and could not eat freely. I tried very hard to control myself and it was not easy at all. The main reason behind is I have insufficient positive energy and eat very little.”

He continued: “Subsequently, the film producer told me not to let personal matter affected my work and I felt I was an unprofessional actor. Is it because there is a problem in my inner heart? It led to some netizens disliked listening to my voice and I am not trying to explain but sharing only. It is difficult to summon up my courage to speak when everything happened suddenly and my poor appetite. You might find that my role images in Stealing Seconds (棟仁的時光), Threesome (三個女人一個「因」) and Speed of Life (鐵馬戰車) drama are different but it is completely impossible when you are full of negative energy.”