Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) and Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻) promoted their new drama (婚內情) during ViuTV 4.29 Sales Presentation 2019 (ViuTV 4.29 全新節目巡禮) on 10th April 2019. The new series will be debuting on 29th April which happened to air at the same time with TVB drama, The Defected (鐵探).

During the interview, Sheren expressed she loved her husband very much and forgave him even when he had extra-marital affair in the series. Based on her past role characters, she would kill him immediately: “I keep thinking whether to film the drama and wonder if such woman exists in this world. Hence, I am quite frustrated during the shooting. (Airing at the same time with The Defected series?) It is based on different theme and gives additional choices to the audiences. Anyway, the audiences can watch it online and hopefully all flowers bloom together.”

As the preview clip showed Sunny’s kissing scene, he revealed he wanted to have 3 wives when little on the stage. He explained one could take care of the house while one accompanied him to watch films and chat together, and another helped him to manage the paperwork for his job. He agreed to film the drama because of the role character and had one wife in reality only: “It is a simple reason which is to make my wife happy. I make a sacrifice by changing my thinking for the sake of my family. (Interested in any woman?) Yes but no action is taken.”