Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) was invited to an opening ceremony for The Mercedes-Benz Brand Centre (平治品牌中心) at night on 11th April 2019. When mentioned about being the spokesperson for the facial masks which were launched in the market, Charlene replied she suffered from insomnia last night and described as her “baby” was born: “It is not easy to manage a business and luckily, I have 2 good business partners. 2 years ago, my skin complexion became very poor and I start to feel an improvement after using this brand. My friends use it and praise it is good too. (Did your boyfriend try it?) Yes, he loves it but will not make a joint investment and it is better to draw a separate line in business.”

Reminding that she was nominated as Best Actress (最佳女主角) Award in Hong Kong Film Awards, Charlene admitted she took it easy and would be giving Best Supporting Actress (最佳女配角) Award with Louis Cheung (張繼聰) as the guest presenters on that night. However, they had not gone through the rehearsal together and she would not think of other stuff.