51 years old Andy Hui (許志安) and Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) tied the knot after the reconciliation and Dayo Wong (黃子華) described their romance as “the last fairy tale in Hong Kong” when he was invited to her concert as the guest 3 years ago.

16th April 2019 was Andy and Sammi’s fifth year wedding anniversary and the fairy tale was going to disappear from this day onward!

A few days ago, Apple Daily (蘋果) received a video clip of Andy and Jacqueline having an affair and it lasted around 16 minutes. In the video clip, there were 3 people including Andy, Jacqueline and a male friend who insisted to give Jacqueline wearing a mask a lift home first. She told him to stop pretending. X you! Or me?”

Jacqueline then touched Andy’s ear when he agreed to give his friend a lift home first, before she spoke vulgarity: “Where do you stay? X you!” He told the driver to head towards Tai Hang and she said to the male friend: “Andy will give me a lift home.” Subsequently, Jacqueline leaned on Andy’s body and both used their bags to hide their hands holding tightly together.

After 3 minutes, Andy told his friend to alight from the car and said: “You can go back first. I will go back home and Jacqueline will return to her house.” He asked: “Are you sure?” Andy replied: “Yes.” Both then told the driver to drive to Jacqueline’s house, Lei Yue Mun.

Although she is known as “Jacqueline Baby”, but it turns out that she is the “world class third party (世界級姣精)”. She gave a kiss to Andy in her mask and begun to remove her mask and kiss him after 10 seconds. Both continued to hold hands tightly together and Jacqueline was suspected to say something: “So sad. I feel bored……” Andy let go of his hand and placed it on her thigh, and held her hand again after 3 seconds.

As the journey from Tai Hang to Lei Yue Mun took around 10 minutes, Jacqueline made the first move to seduce Andy and both ended up kissing passionately 20 times. One kiss even lasted for a minute and she even circled around his legs. Jacqueline kissed him again once the vehicle drove to the tunnel and Jacqueline appeared to say something again: “Please do not be scared once we reach home.”

During the journey, Jacquline leaned on Andy liked a pillow, played with his fingers and used her hand to wipe away the lipstick stain. Although she had been taking the initiative for the past 9 minutes, but Andy seemed to enjoy it and completely forgot his married status. He also kissed her once and she helped him to adjust his cap to cover his face while Jacqueline wore her mask properly, in order to hide their celebrity status.

Apparently, Jacqueline appeared slightly drunk and kept talking in English. However, she looked sober when telling the driver to turn right and said thank you. Andy and she alighted from the car and went to her house. Looks like only both of them know the exact happening thereafter.

Lastly, it is most likely that their underground romance started in March 2019 as Jacqueline shared photo of Alex Fong (方力申), Wilfred Lau (劉浩龍), Edmond Leung (梁漢文), Real Ting (丁子高), Andy and herself celebrating birthday for their male friend together on Instagram. On that night, their outfits looked similar when compared to in the car.

Source: https://hk.entertainment.appledaily.com/enews/realtime/article/20190416/59494023