Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) expressed she bought a watch costing 6 digit to her father and jewellery to her mother at an activity on 11th April 2019. When asked if she would buy a flat in Hong Kong upon becoming a landlord in Canada, Jeannie replied she had no plans to buy a property in Hong Kong as she had not become a permanent resident over there. She then praised her father was cool and would give his full efforts in everything, and tend to compare her old love with her father: “My dad is a very hardworking man who has not thought of retirement. Hence, I prefer man who is ambitious and do not mind he is older than me by 10 years old. What matters most is the thinking.” Asking about her impression of her rumoured boyfriend, Carlos Chan (陳家樂), she explained her father was a businessman and Carlos was an actor, but he was equally hardworking and filial to his parent. Both were good looking men.