Based on an exclusive news source from Apple Daily (蘋果) on 16th April 2019, Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) were caught kissing 20 times and hugging each other in the car in a video clip lasted around 16 minutes which shocked the whole world. Ever wonder if Andy alight from the car upon reaching Jacqueline’s house? The mystery is finally solved.

On that night, there was 3 people in the car initially and Jacqueline kept objecting and even spoke vulgarity when their male friend suggested to give her a lift home first. After debating for a while, Andy finally agreed with her and and said when their male friend alighted from the car: “You go back first. Jacqueline will return to her house and I go back to my house.” That guy asked: “Are you sure?” Andy replied: “Yes.” However, both told the same destination, Lei Yue Mun (Jacqueline’s house) together to the driver once that man left.

It turned out that Andy and Jacqueline had planned this rendezvous long ago and held their hands together tightly after the passionate kissing. She removed her innocent mask and was transformed into a “world class slut” instantly. They begun to kiss passionately and Andy failed to control his lust and placed his hand on Jacqueline’s thigh all the time. Both then sat together very closely and her mask shifted to an incorrect position after kissing him.

Subsequently, the driver asked about the exact destination upon reaching near Lei Yue Mun and Jacqueline said: “Turn left please.” She told the driver again after touching Andy’s ear: “Please turn right. Thank you.” At this point, Andy begun to sit properly and she pushed his hand away when trying to touch her this time.

Finally, Andy placed his mobile phone into his pocket and reminded Jacqueline to take her phone. She also helped him to adjust his cap to conceal his identity and kissed him again before alighting from the car. Jacqueline told the driver to stop over there and thanked him. Andy got out from the car from the right side and followed by Jacqueline.