Sammul Chan (陳鍵鋒) is a former TVB actor and left because of the contract renewal issue. He then exposed that TVB offered miserable pay and decided to venture outside. Subsequently, Sammul gained fame after filming Chinese drama, Beauty’s Rival in Palace (美人心計) and Hong Kong drama, Elite Brigade IV (火速救兵IV) last year. Lately, he has been engaging in live chatting with his fans from China frequently.

On 15th April 2019, Sammul shared photos of himself going for first aid course and became a first-aider. He pointed everyone should have the skill and uploaded photo of a red lip thereafter. Sammul left an online message: “Why do the ladies love to wear red lipstick to perform CPR (心肺復甦法)?” Some netizens posted funny reply that the female students might be taking the opportunity to kiss. Sammul believed it was a personal hygiene issue and everyone should wear a mask to prevent saliva contact during the learning. Hence, the netizens explained some ladies must wear lipstick daily and Sammul would not understand it at all.

As Sammul joined Hong Kong Red Cross (紅十字會) and learned first aid course and swimming during his schooling days, he became an ambassador of Red Cross organisation in 2009, learned sign language and pursued nursing course when young.