TVB Executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲) expressed she contacted Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) who remained in Hong Kong when watching James Ng’s (吳業坤) concert in Hong Kong Coliseum on 19th April 2019. Ms Lok revealed Jacqueline was in a very unstable condition, kept crying and her sister accompanied her from time to time.

Ms Lok confessed the scandal caused a very big impact to Jacqueline’s career: “We have found the replacement for her stage performances, local and overseas work. (Need to pay any compensation?) The clients are very nice and happy with the replacement, but the company needs restructuring though.”

When asked about the drama that Jacqueline had completed the filming, Ms Lok said: “Hopefully it will be over. (Terminate the contract with Jacqueline?) We have not think about it yet. She has a long contract with TVB and we will suspend her contract for now. It is also her intention since she is not ready to work now.”

Asking when Jacqueline would be making a public appearance to make an explanation, Ms Lok said: “Let’s wait until she is in a better condition. I believe she is extremely worried and we have to wait a little longer, upon seeing adverse effects when Sammy Leung (森美) played a song.”

As for Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Ms Lok revealed she talked to him several times and believed it was better for him to continue working: “Kenneth is a very nice and professional actor. He is manly and good looking upon facing the reporters on that day.”