On 17th April 2019, Chau Pak Ho (周柏豪) was invited to an event, HPV as the health education ambassador and filmed a short video clip with Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍), so as to urge everybody to go for injection to prevent HPV virus. As he loved and wished to protect his wife, Pak Ho and his spouse went for injections and medical check-up every year, before becoming parent.

Pak Ho expressed he completed the filming for the new movie and beginning to prepare his new album. He would be shooting TVB new drama in the summer and focusing on his acting career after mid 2019: “I have to wear leather jacket and carry a gun in the new drama. Heard that Kenneth Ma (馬國明) might be participating and I will show concern for him if having his contact details. (Any girls try to seduce you?) Probably but I do not really realise it. (Able to control yourself?) I have been exercising frequently and will continue to control myself. I normally inform my wife if I have any dinner appointments.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20190417/1555496495861/%E5%91%A8%E6%9F%8F%E8%B1%AA%E5%94%94%E8%A6%BA%E6%9C%89%E5%A5%B3%E6%80%A7%E5%9F%8B%E8%BA%AB-%E6%87%89%E9%85%AC%E6%9C%83%E4%B8%BB%E5%8B%95%E8%B7%9F%E5%A4%AA%E5%A4%AA%E5%82%99%E6%A1%88