Alex Fong (方力申) and Zeno Koo (顧定軒) filmed a video clip as promotion for Friends of the Earth (香港地球之友) a couple of days ago. As Hong Kong experienced a strong typhoon last year, Alex felt heart pain upon seeing the trees including 2000 saplings that he planted personally were destroyed. On 28th April 2019, Alex could not turn up at the tree planting activity due to his work schedule and decided to shoot a promotion clip, so as to urge everyone to show their supports: “Typhoon represents the weather becomes a killer weapon and I hope everyone will plant trees together.”

As for the newcomer, Zeno filmed Tracey (翠絲) and Somewhere Beyond The Mist (藍天白雲) movies previously would be appearing at the event and expressed his gratitude to the seniors for the guidances. He said: “Sapling resembles newcomer and needs people to take care of it. Hope everyone will do their part for the nature.”