Ali Lee (李佳芯) and ViuTV actor, Danny Chan (陳炳銓) have been dating for 5 years. Although her career is perceived more successful than him, but it does not affect their relationship and they go out together frequently, but seldom hold hands in the public.

A few days ago at 5pm, Ali and Danny were seen strolling near Tai Kwun – Centre for Heritage and Arts and heading towards Sheung Wan. Upon walking near PMQ, there were many tourists and Ali walked near to her boyfriend and grabbed his arm. She then placed her hand away and both were chatting together throughout the conversation.

Although Ali was dressed up casually and wore a hat, but the passer-by would glance at her whenever walking past her and Danny did not take any photos despite carrying a camera. Once reaching near Victoria Peak, Danny needed to go to the toilet and Ali played with her mobile phone while waiting for him. After the discussion, they appeared to have a destination and Ali flagged down a cab and asked the driver about the cross-harbour route, but the driver drove away instead.

Subsequently, Danny made a signal about the cross-harbour route whenever every cab passed by but no cab was willing to stop. After another round of discussion, Ali decided to call Uber and the car arrived after 7 minutes later. She boarded the cab and it turned out that both headed to different destinations. He then left by taking the long staircase and shared some black and white photos on Instagram. Danny revealed he was currently learning photography skills and had been practising it.